The sound of ’50s, ’60s and ’70s

Crafted from only the finest hand-selected Gabon Mahogany. Each 3ply drum is fitted with a 3ply reinforcement Ring and our 30-degree bearing edge for optimal resonance and attack.  These shells provide rich, fat low end as well as deep, dark tones, with a full tonal spectrum and plenty of body. The Rebel 3ply Series Snare is the definitive workhorse wood snare drum to own, warm, articulate and surprisingly versatile. The best part is that its timeless sound comes standard with the latest modern upgrades, like ds die-cast strainer,  ds snare wire, ds Hoops.

Gabon Mahogany.  3-ply + 3py Vintage reinforcing hoops.


The 30 degree bearing edge was commonly used on vintage drums from the 19030’s onward. Our 30 degree bearing edge has a rounded over profile that increase drumhead contact with the shell and as a result, the sound is more focused. Sound i’ts clear, projection is normal, but harmonics and excess ring are more contained.

Power Triple-Flanged 2.3mm.

Exclusive dsdrum Die-Cast Strainer  – Chrome
dsdrum 22 strand snare wire
Chrome T-Rods  – Chrome.

(Diameter xDepth)
13 x 5.5, Lugs: 8
13 x 7, Lugs: 8

(Diameter xDepth)
14 x 5.5, Lugs: 10
14 x 6.5, Lugs: 10